It’s good to unplug in the summer.

Or is it?

On breezy, warm summer mornings, my wife and I will often take our coffee out on to the back deck to “read the paper.” It has the negative look of a person with their face in a device, but really we’re just collecting the day’s news in the same way we would have done with a big, thick weekend edition of the newspaper. We’re just reading it off a screen.

On long summer evenings, we’ll do the same with a beer or a glass of wine, this time “reading a book.” Again, no paper products are to be found as we page through the glow of our Kindle.

Mindlessly scrolling through Facebook? Like, share, repeating on Twitter on Instagram? Sure, that kind of device behaviour is not productive. But reading? Reading the “paper” and reading a “book?” Give your permission to plug in all day for that kind of activity.

newspaper antisocial

This summer, give yourself license to plug in. It’s really no different than reading a paper. When you’ve got quiet time, read. When you’re out with friends, put the phone down and engage.

To make the goal of reading more this summer, I’m trying out the Kindle Paperwhite. According to a study conducted by OnePoll, 68% of men recognize the benefits of reading but don’t have the tools or time needed to enjoy it. 

So, instead of a stack of books on the shelf, or in a suitcase, or under my arm, I have them all on a pocket sized device. There’s no screen glare (even at the beach), I can charge the Kindle up and have it last an entire vacation (not just a few hours), and there is a huge selection on the Kindle store (including 1M books < $4.99)

Here are some new reads I’m looking forward to as I work through this 2017 Summer Reading List For Dads:

dad books

To equip my fellow busy dads with the necessary tools to enjoy the benefits of reading, I’m giving you a chance to win a $150 gift card. You can use it to pick up a Kindle Paperwhite for yourself and then load it with some books.

Amazon GC

You really want to commit yourself to getting into reading this summer? Start a summer reading club with your kids and see who can read the most titles! Having this in your pocket will make it so much easier.

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Terms and Conditions:

  • Prize: a $150 Gift Card
  • Contest only open to residents of Canada, excluding Quebec.
  • Prize must be accepted as awarded. This prize is not transferable, cannot be exchanged for value or applied to previous purchases and is not redeemable for cash or equivalent. Other restrictions may apply.
  • Please use personal social media accounts. Contest only accounts, or anonymous egg profile accounts will be removed from entry at the judges discretion.
  • Contest winner will be notified by email on June 30, 2017. The prize will be shipped/emailed to the winner.


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